Floreat investments cover public equities, private equity, real estate and private debt.


A ‘Seed and Lead’ Approach

We identify opportunities and invest our capital based on medium to long term objectives. Through co-investments, we take a 'seed and lead'-type approach, investing our own capital first.
Public Equities

Floreat’s team have 30 years of experience investing in publicly quoted equities. We strive to beat inflation through adopting a long term approach. Our public equity investments target companies with leading positions in their respective markets, proven management, and long term high returns on capital.

Our particular emphasis is to focus investments in companies with certain characteristics on a very long term basis. This could best be described as “business perspective investing” because we behave in a responsible manner towards the companies in which we have invested. We are not deflected by market volatility and seek to minimise portfolio turnover and costs.

Floreat’s public equities investment are managed by Floreat Wealth Management.

Private Equity

Floreat's private equity investments are sector agnostic with a focus on G20 countries. We look for strong management teams with proven track records in scalable businesses and significant potential for cash generation.

The team targets investments throughout the capital structure, including preferred equity and loans with relatively high barriers to entry. We also invest in alternative assets, such as art and collectibles, and actively seek co-investment opportunities.

Floreat’s private equity investments are managed by Floreat Principal Investing.

Real Estate

Floreat's real estate activities began with a global mandate in the year 2000. We invest directly and indirectly in real estate, targeting income producing and opportunistic assets, mainly in the UK and Germany.

The group will consider other international opportunities on a case by case basis.

Floreat’s real estate investments are managed by Floreat Real Estate.

Private Debt

Floreat offer fixed income investments largely in the asset based lending space, focusing on G20 countries in the transportation, infrastructure and real estate sectors.

The team draws on more than 30 years of banking experience in structuring and trading, offering fixed income products using a variety of wrappers including notes, certificates and funds. We actively consider co-investment opportunities in this sector.

Floreat’s fixed income investments are managed by Floreat Capital Markets.

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